Expert Oil Change Services in Campbell River

Regular maintenance of your vehicle ensures it performs well without issues. At Lakeland Automotive, we offer comprehensive oil change services for cars in Campbell River. Our certified technicians will take care of everything and get your vehicle’s oil changed quickly. Give us a call to book your oil change service in Campbell River.

Importance of Regular Oil Change Service

  • It keeps your engine clean
    The engine receives oil from other areas, leading to the accumulation of dirt and other particles. This can lead to the formation of sludge over time which can ultimately choke your engine. Changing the engine oil regularly will ensure that this build-up is taken care of in a timely manner.
  • It increases the life of the engine
    The engine is the heart of the vehicle, and the oil is responsible for protecting it against critical wear and tear. The only problem here is that oil gets dirty very easily. By changing this oil regularly, you can make sure that your engine stays protected against any major damage.
  • It gives you a better mileage
    The mileage of your vehicle depends heavily on its maintenance. The dirt and grit get accumulated around the engine, which causes friction. This friction does not allow your vehicle to perform to its optimum fuel level. A regular oil change will reduce this friction and give you better mileage.
  • It is good for the environment
    With time, the level of hydrocarbons increases inside your engine, which is not only harmful to your vehicle but to the environment as well. These hydrocarbons increase the carbon footprint of your vehicle and cause air pollution. By regularly changing the engine oil, you can avoid hydrocarbon build-up.

FAQs about Oil Change for Your Vehicle

Does Your Vehicle Need Oil Change Regularly?

Your engine needs oil to run smoothly and avoid developing complicated (and often expensive) issues down the road. There are many reasons your engine needs an oil change. The three primary reasons are to run your vehicle smoothly, prevent it from getting overheated, and keep everything flowing properly.

When the oil level gets too low, or oil gets too old, you could end up facing problems like decreased engine life and overheating. Regularly changing the oil keeps your engine in good condition and offers protection to your engine’s parts.

When Should You Get an Oil Change?

Different vehicle engines have different needs. You can check your manufacturer’s specifications for reference. Many times, when you get an oil change, you will also get an alert for the next oil change, based on time or mileage.

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How Often Should You Check the Oil Level?

It is important to check your vehicle’s oil levels from time to time. We recommend you check your vehicle’s oil level at least once a month. If you notice a leakage, make sure to get the repairs done as soon as possible. You can also check the manufacturer’s manual and follow the recommendations.

How Often Should You Check the Oil Level?

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