Expert Car Suspension Service and Repair in Campbell River

Maintaining your car’s suspension is crucial for a comfortable and stress-free driving experience. If you notice misalignment, damage, or any signs of underperformance in your suspension system, it not only leads to discomfort during rides but also places unnecessary strain on your vehicle. If you’re in Campbell River, and searching for an auto suspension shop look no further. Bring your car to Lakeland Automotive, where our expert technicians can diagnose and address any suspension issues, ensuring a smooth and safe journey for your vehicle.

Signs You May Need Suspension Service

  • Uneven Tire Wear: Check for uneven tire wear, as it may indicate suspension problems affecting handling.
  • Bumpy Ride: Increased bumpiness or discomfort while driving suggests potential suspension issues.
  • Unusual Sounds: Knocking or clunking sounds over bumps may point to worn-out suspension components.
  • Nose Diving or Body Roll: Excessive forward movement during braking or body roll while turning signals possible suspension trouble.
  • Fluid Leaks: Look for leaks around shocks or struts, indicating potential hydraulic fluid issues.
  • Visible Damage: Inspect for visible damage to control arms, struts, or other suspension parts.
  • Steering Issues: Difficulty steering, drifting, or poor responsiveness may be linked to suspension problems.

Why Car Suspension Service is Important:

Annual checks of your steering and suspension system are crucial for avoiding significant repairs. If you sense any signs of steering or suspension issues, it’s advisable to have your mechanic assess your vehicle promptly. Neglected problems in these systems can lead to safety risks. To ensure the effective operation of your steering and suspension, a professional inspection should encompass all relevant components. This includes checking the power steering fluid, inspecting for uneven tire wear, examining for loose nuts and bolts, and assessing the condition of power steering belts. Regular assessments help maintain the reliability and safety of your vehicle.

Get in touch with us if you require suspension repair or service. Our experienced team has dealt with various suspension problems, wheel alignment issues, and more.

We understand the stress that can come with driving, we’re committed to restoring your car for a smoother ride. To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions, contact us today.