Rentals from Practicar® Car Rental/Rent-A-Wreck® & U-Haul®

Need to rent a car, truck, or trailer? Lakeland Automotive has you covered. Our Practicar® Car Rental/Rent-A-Wreck® and U-Haul® sides of our business provide a variety of vehicles to rent when you need them most.

Practicar® Car Rental/Rent-A-Wreck®

Lakeland Automotive is part of the Practicar® and Rent-A-Wreck® franchise. As owners, we can offer cheaper vehicle rentals from one of the oldest and largest car rental companies in the world. Although the vehicles may be affectionately called “wrecks,” they are actually clean, well-maintained, and safety inspected for rental. Our rentals are usually older cars in the 2005 – 2010 year-range. Rent-A-Wreck stocks everything from economy cars to full size luxury sedans.

Through Lakeland Automotive, we offer local rentals throughout Vancouver Island only.

Visit the Practicar® Car Rental/Rent-A-Wreck® website to book your rental or call
250-287-8353 .

U-Haul® Dealer

In addition to car and trailer rentals, Lakeland Automotive is your neighbourhood U-Haul dealer. We have various moving trucks, pickups, and cargo vans available. We offer local and one-way across Canada rentals.

If you would like to rent one a U-Haul truck, please visit the U-Haul website or call